Lama "X" Paintkit

LamaX Paintkit

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Download the paintkit and make your own repaints of the Lama "X". You must just repaint one texture, the, to change the paint of the Lama.

Read mor about repainting aircraft in the SDK and on community-websites.

Feel free to upload your Art on and other community plattform to share your work with other people. Please don't upload any other files of the copyright-protected Lama "X" package.

Let's do a new paint!

Download the paintkit for easyer work.

Repaints of the Lama X by Gareth John

Hi. I still enjoy this excellent version from FSHeli so here are 2 repaints. Download from links under the images...

I-AMAI Lama Repaint

I-EFLY Lama repaint Banner
Alouette II "X" Paintmap