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Welcome to our website. We are pleased to present you at this and the following pages our services, our philosophy, our team and much more.

Our goal is to build realistic as possible helicopters for the Microsoft ® Flight Simulator , which would not only "flying around", but also simulate typical procedures such as start-up, transports etc.
With the Sud Aviation SA315B Lama, we have created an add-on, that all this is possible. This "classic" is available now in its fifth edition.

We are pleased to be able to present you another classic, the SNCASE SE3130 Alouette II, the first turbine helicopter in the world! This helicopter is the "grandmother" of the late Lama. For the 50-year anniversary, we have a built an homage to this legendary aircraft and at the time, these sensational performances.

The third in the league - the Alouette III - rounds up this legendary trio.

Thanks to the collaboration of helicopter operators, pilots and technicians, we in the framework of the opportunities in the Microsoft Flight Simulator FSX is quite well done, a realistic simulation to be developed. A 100% realistic simulation is not possible, because Microsoft uses some limits. You will love the result!

Peter Salzgeber



...but unfortunately we have not. But we work on it :-)

Our team

Peter Salzgeber

programs since 2003 the helicopters, the flight dynamics, gauges, sounds, etc.
He is responsible for the content of this website.

Michu Röthlisberger

is the scenery designer. The mountain huts, heliports and countless objects are created by him in high precision.

Christophe Niederhäuser

the developer of the brilliant Pro-Flight Trainer. Inventor, creator, mastermind and helicopter pilot.